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Red Bus carries 3.8 million passengers each year.​ A Council Controlled-Trading Organisation (CCTO), all of the Red Bus shares are held by Christchurch City Holdings Ltd, which in turn is owned by the Christchurch City Council.

Board of Directors

Red Bus is governed by a board of five Cantabrians, with a background in business and community.

The directors are:

  • Paul KiesanowskiChairman
  • Tim Keenan
  • Bob Lineham
  • Sabrina Kunz

Management Team

Leading the way at Red Bus, our management team consists of:

  • Nic Aitken - Workshop Manager
  • Terry Foote - Chief Financial Officer
  • Nicky Halligan - Marketing Co-ordinator
  • Peter Hayward - Transport Manager
  • Paul McNoe - Chief Executive

Our Fleet

Red Bus operates a modern, easy access, low emission fleet of 150 buses from a central city depot.  Our in-house workshop maintains our fleet to a high standard for safety and availability.

Red Bus has a 5 Star rating under the NZTA Operator Rating System.

Our commitment to the environment

Red Bus joined the CCC Target Sustainability Programme in 2008.  Our objective was to reduce waste sent to landfill.

Annual Report 2016

Statement of Intent 2016/17