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Timetables and Maps

With frequent services covering the city and suburbs, Red Bus can get you where you want to go when you need to be there.

Bus timetables and route maps are available on the Metro website, or you can ring Metroinfo on 366 8855. 

The regional council (Environment Canterbury) is responsible for planning and tendering out bus and ferry services, marketing and providing information such as timetables, telephone services and websites, under the name “Metro”.


Central Station

The Central Station replaces the former Bus Exchange.  The Central Station is located between 46-50 Lichfield Street.

Central Station Map 



Using your mobile phone, you can find out exactly how far away a particular bus is.  Visit the Metro site for information on their “WAP-enabled” technology.

The city and district councils that the buses travel through - Christchurch City, Waimakariri District and Selwyn District - are responsible for providing and maintaining passenger transport infrastructure such as bus exchanges, stops, and shelters.

Rebuild Tour Feedback:

'Excellent Tour and commentary.  I am a local, so was a little sceptical about doing the tour. BUT, wow so worth it, for locals and tourists.'

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