Electric buses

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Powering ahead towards a better city.

Canterbury’s first electric buses are here. That means positive change for the people of Christchurch.

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We believe public transport can drive innovation.

By adding three new Alexander Dennis Limited (ADL)/BYD electric battery buses to our fleet, Red Bus is investing in making our city healthier, quieter, and easier to get around.

Each bus is capable of traveling a minimum of 250km on a single charge and they will operate in service for up to 20 hours a day, seven days a week.

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A significant next step in our journey towards a carbon-neutral future.

In 2017, transportation made up 53% of all Christchurch emissions. Since 2015, Red Bus has reduced its carbon footprint per kilometre by 9.9% with the introduction of fleet Telematics and smaller buses.

These electric buses are the very first ADL/BYD buses with full electric air-conditioning, which improves their already impressive environmental credentials. They produce no exhaust emissions, their carbon footprint is 10% that of a diesel bus, their energy consumption is one-third of a diesel bus and they are very quiet inside and out.

The buses are funded and owned by Red Bus, with support from Christchurch City Council-run Christchurch Action for Energy Trust (CAfE) and Environment Canterbury.

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Introducing these buses reduces:

  • Exhaust emissions by 100%, energy used by 66% and CO2 emissions by 90% on the 29 route
  • Noise levels significantly, and encourages more people to use public transport more often,
  • Road congestion and exhaust emissions from car journeys.

Find out more about our commitment to improving our environment.

Where are the electric buses running today?

Currently, all three electric buses are running on Route 29, which operates between the Bus Interchange and Christchurch Airport, making route 29 Christchurch’s first wholly electric bus service.

From time to time, there will be special events where our electric fleet will be involved. Keep an eye on our newsfeed and our Facebook page for more information.

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What people are saying about Electric buses

“We want to be a driving force, not a passenger in the fight against climate change. These electric buses are another step along this journey.”

- Paul McNoe, Red Bus Chief Executive.

“These battery electric buses have no exhaust emissions which is great for the environment and for the health of the public.”

- Kevin Crutchley, Christchurch City Council Resource Efficiency Manager.

“We’re excited to be part of the introduction of electric bus technology in Christchurch. This is an opportunity to gain an essential understanding of how electric bus technology works in our environment.”

- Stewart Gibbon , Environment Canterbury Senior Manager Public Transport.

“It’s good to see progressions like (electric buses) happening, and hopefully there will be a brighter future for my kids, and their kids in generations to come.”

- Tim Bateman, Canterbury Crusader.

A smoother, better ride.

No gear changes = a more gentle, smooth experience.

No engine noise = a more peaceful ride and streets where you can better hear yourself think and talk.

Tech specs
Year: 2019
Make: Alexander Dennis Limited
Model: Enviro200EV
Bodywork: Alexander Dennis Limited
Chassis, batteries and control system: BYD
Gross vehicle weight: 18,600 kg
Charge time: Three to four hours
Range: 250 km +
Passenger capacity: 56
Seats: 37
Fleet numbers: 501, 502, 503

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