Christmas party bus or party bust?

Red Bus Xmas Blog Post

5 reasons why it’s best to get a bus for your end of year do.

The December office get together is a party of mythic cinematic proportions. Certainly, it has a reputation for not creating 'better work stories.’ That’s too often because of poor prior planning.

People tend to behave better when they’re at someone else’s place. So, an offsite party, out of the office, is better - however, that comes with a raft of logistical complications. Luckily, when you employ professional people movers like Red Bus, for example, they’ll take care of those details for you.

Here then, are five key reasons why it’s better to get on the bus for your Christmas party…

1. It’s safer

It makes sense that people who drive professionally are better at it. Having someone drive you to your destination and back means your colleagues are more likely to get there safely. Plus, where there’s a party, there’s going to be alcohol. Always good to have a sober driver whose job it is to get you there and back in one piece.

2. It’s more fun

With a pro at the wheel, and your team together as a group, the party atmosphere can initiate earlier. No awkward silences as the group arrive at the venue in dribs and drabs. You can set a fun mood on board: play some tunes on your Bluetooth speakers, give prizes for costumes, play bus BINGO, even start a sing-song…

3. You can curb the drinking a little

With a strict 'no drinking’ policy on the bus, it means your team gets a break from the festive imbibing before they get to the next stage of the party. This can help not only with team spirit but also curb the budget for the spirits the team is drinking.

However, most good transport providers will happily store and transport alcohol for you.

4. More scope

As mentioned earlier, when you’ve got a bus, you have more scope for your party planning. You can party somewhere that’s 'at work’, go beyond the city limits; do a team activity in one place and then move onto another for food. It also keeps everyone together and creates a stronger team dynamic.

5. Less stress

Finally, it’s one less thing to worry about. Actually, it’s more than one thing. It’s people moving. Safety. Host responsibility. Creating a good atmosphere. Setting a bright behavioural tone. It’s a lot of things, being cared for by professionals that you can trust. So you can focus on the essential elements, like Secret Santa.

Red Bus will partner with you to find the very best charter bus transportation solutions for your next event.