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You Are Us Concert Buses

Special Concert Buses

Special services are operating to the YOU ARE US, AROHA NUI Concert on Wednesday, 17 April.

The concert is in support of those effected by the tragic events of 15 March 2019.

Red Bus is donating all profits from the special concert bus service to the official charity of the YOU ARE US, AROHA NUI Concert.


$10 per person return


Services to Christchurch Stadium depart from:

  • The Palms - 5.30pm
  • Bus Exchange Platform L - 5.45pm
  • Northwood - 5pm, Northlands Mall - 5.10pm, and Merivale Mall - 5.20pm
  • Hornby Hub - 6pm via Riccarton Mall - 6.20pm

 After the concert buses will depart at 11pm. 

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